Syftia Makes Your Demand Generation Better

What are your go-to sources for sales leads? Whether you purchase lists, pull data from online website forms and event badge scans, or get leads from a content syndicator like TechTarget, you can always count on one axiom: A minimum of 40% of those leads are dirty.

“Hey, if I had an 60% chance of winning the lotto I’d take it!”

Fine, but don’t let your CMO or CFO know your Demand Gen strategy is no different than buying a lottery ticket…

Demand generation is a science. Your content is the art, but if the wrong people are reading well-crafted Demand Gen content then your hard work is all for nothing. Demand Gen in an account based marketing (ABM) strategy is dependent on matching leads to accounts. You’ll lose your budget if you can’t maintain high open rates with clean leads. No good ABM strategy can succeed without them.

Syftia can help.

Lead to account matching is a must for every smart demand generation team. Syftia helps you to drive qualified opportunities with leads perfectly matched to your company’s accounts. Use Syftia to ensure that every lead you target is the most likely buyer for your products and services. From the content to the campaign, Syftia’s accurate and ludicrously fast L2A will maximize your company’s demand generation investment.