Syftia Makes Your Marketing Operations More Accurate

How much time does your team waste on cleaning dirty leads? Lead to account matching for a dirty list can take a lot of time. Offshoring can save you some cash, but the accuracy usually suffers. Using an in-house team for data cleanup gets more accurate results but often means some of your most valuable employees are performing data-entry.

Companies that attend industry events feel this pain: Your event coordinator gets a list of the 200 badges scanned at the company’s booth. These 200 badges are your list of leads for the event. But that list needs cleanup before it gets to a point where it can be of any use to your sales team. On average, lead to account matching on that list takes:

  • An event coordinator = 2 hours
  • CRM administrator = 4 hours
  • Demand generation manager = 2 hours
  • Data entry specialist = 8 hours

Syftia can help.

If your Marketing Ops team is wasting 16 hours after every industry event just for lead to account matching, then you’re doing it wrong. Syftia helps by consistently matching leads to accounts with ludicrous speed and 99% accuracy. Ensure your marketing spend is never wasted and your marketing automation activities are always targeting the right people.