Syftia Makes Your Sales Operations More Nimble

Every Sales Ops manager is under pressure to drive sales. An optimized CRM is crucial. Enterprises invested in the Salesforce ecosystem add Pardot and Engage. SMBs often choose a single vertically-integrated CRM stack like Hubspot. No matter your organization’s size, your success hinges on getting clean data to your sales team fast!

Syftia can help

Syftia automates lead to account matching with ludicrous speed and accuracy that is 50X faster than human operators. Reduce your labor costs with machine-learning powered data cleanup while never worrying about sending your sales leads to an offshore cleanup crew.

Beyond our amazing speed, Syftia was designed and built with security in mind. Sales Ops wants to keep the CRM clean and corporate data safe. Syftia is built in the cloud with native integration for CRM solutions such as Salesforce and Hubspot. That means your data is your data—and never out of your control.