3 ABM Predictions for 2019

2019 looks to be the most exciting year for Account-Based Marketing and Marketing Technology in general. As data becomes a larger driver for insights and prioritization, tools & technology are solving unprecedented challenges that were unimaginable even a few years ago.

1. Expanded Growth

Growth, Growth, Growth. 2019 is going to be an amazing year for growth in terms of industry awareness and participation. ABM specific shows like FlipmyFunnel are well positioned for record numbers of participants. The larger shows like Inbound, Marketing Nation, and Dreamforce will undoubtedly carve out explicit ABM focused tracks as the industry shifts from inbound and demand generation tactics to a more cohesive Account strategy. Job postings for ABM specific roles are at an all-time high with Sales and Marketing leaders finally understanding what ABM truly means. This also means expanded offerings from providers and a plethora of new entrants trying to carve out investment dollars.

2. Consolidation

There are quite a few companies that have made consolidation headlines in 2018. As tools reach critical-mass, companies have to start finding complementary organizations to integrate ideas into cohesive services meaning:

More and more Marketing / ABM companies will continue to “Platform” their solutions with complimentary offerings. Companies like Lattice-Engines and Terminus have a great head start. If too many other entrants begin “platformizing” their services, value may be diminished. It’s obvious that Marketing Tech companies need to start focusing more on integrating with one another, but everyone wants to be the central hub vs. spoke. It makes sense, but adds convolution when deciding between your new Marketing Platform-as-a-Service, your CRM, or your Marketing Automation Platform.

3. Integration

What makes ABM special is cohesion. Various strategies and tactics working in conjunction to show future customers value and provide revenue for businesses. There are a lot of cool ideas. Marketing Tech and ABM companies that find synergies and work together with cohesive integrations, either directly of via CRM or MAPs will be the winners.

Closing Thoughts

Marketing Technology and Account-Based Marketing are great industries to be in- Even with Especially given the economic uncertainty we are facing in 2019. Organizations making data informed decisions are positioned well ahead of rigid traditional marketing organizations.

Tools like Syftia will become more essential to the Accoun-Based Marketer in 2019 and beyond. Being able to use technology to minimize and remove tedious head-count intensive tasks is one key element to why we are seeing so much growth and opportunity in this space.

We’d love to show you how Syftia can integrate into you Marketing practice and buy back countless hours from your Marketing, Operations, and Sales teams, allowing you to focus on what really matters.